Friday, April 18, 2014

Brazilian campaign against child sex crimes

Brazil launched a national campaign against sexual exploitation of children while preparing to play host to millions of visitors who will watch the 2014 World Cup matches

Campaign with the slogan " Do not turn away " which was launched on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) aims to raise awareness of crime and encourage people to report sexual crimes against children .

As part of the campaign , the local government promote telephone service number called Disk - 100 which people can use to report sexual crimes against children .

Soccer player Kaka and Juninho Pernambucano , who played for the Brazilian national team , participated in the campaign which is being published in the mass media and displayed in large banners in strategic places .

" Brazil will receive a lot of tourists and we had a reputation as a country is above the law , " said Juninho Pernambucano who played for Brazil at the 2006 World Cup , Germany .

" I am a father of three daughters and I come from the northeast , where exploitation is much more extensive than in other regions , " he said as quoted by Xinhua news agency .

" The campaign aims to save the children and adolescents of the country 's difficult situation " he added .
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The campaign is coordinated by the National Mayors ' Front ( FNP ) and the Social Services Industry ( SESI ) that is part of an international initiative launched in 2012 in Europe .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The testimony of the South Ferry Captain Sewol

Jindo - Not yet known what caused the ferry to South Korea ( ROK), which sank , killing nine passengers . While the ship's captain admitted that the vessel suddenly sank .

Captain Lee Joon - seok who survived and is currently being interrogated by investigators , insisting that the vessel does not bump into anything .

" The ship did not hit a reef , " said Lee , as quoted by Dong - A Ilbo , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

"The ship suddenly sank . I do not know the reason for sure , " continued the 60 -year -old man .

It remains unclear what caused the boat to sink weighing 6.825 tons . While the passengers said she heard a loud noise before the ship stalled and eventually drowned .
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Call for help from a previously scattered survivors . The passenger took video footage shouting emergencies . Women were warned that water entered the ship .

While South Korean President Park Geun - Hye said he was surprised by this incident . He expressed his sadness over the events that occurred .

" Please do not give up until the end of time ( passenger found ) , " said President Park .

Ferry Sewol reportedly carrying approximately 450 passengers . Nine people were confirmed dead , while 179 others were rescued .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If the Democratic vice presidential Change Convention Thus , Gita Wirjawan Abandonment

One of the participants of the Democratic convention , Gita Wirjawan , believes that the final outcome of the convention was still carrying the presidential candidates . According to him , it is consistent with the convention held at the beginning .

" I think we must be consistent , in the sense of the word , the initial objective of the right to continue and finish this convention until the end of April . With notes , this is for the benefit pencapresan , " Gita said in Jakarta on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

He said that , until now , there has been no decision to change the convention be carrying the vice presidential candidate . However , it is the prerogative of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party headed by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .
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Former trade minister resigned if admitted later agreed was carrying the vice president of the convention . " Anyway, whatever was decided Pak SBY , I will respect it , " he explained .

Gita claimed to have spent large enough for a convention in the 2014 election . He said that it was done in order to raise the popularity and elektabilitasnya .

However , he does not tell you how much it costs already incurred . " Yeah hopefully worth it , people can judge whether I was worthy to be a leader , " he explained .

Previously , the Democratic Party convention to consider changing their presidential candidate who became the convention 's degree candidate . This is because the vote on the Democrats in 2014 legislative elections did not meet the target , only in the range of 9 percent based on a quick count .

" The Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention could be converted into a convention running mate with the same participants , " said Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily Democrat , EE Mangindaan , in Jakarta , yesterday .

That is , the transport minister said , not impossible to do because of a sharp drop in Democratic votes this election . The Democratic party in the 2009 elections is a winner with the acquisition of 20.85 percent of the national vote , now just sits in fourth position , under the PDI-P , Golkar , and Gerindra .

Meanwhile , the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee fully devolved to the fate of convention attendees Upper House Democrat who chaired Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . " The Committee organizes and facilitates . So , now we proceed to the upper house , "said the member of the Convention Committee , Fera Febrianti .


Repeat elections in Central Maluku Ballots Still Wait Posts

Chairman of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) Maluku , Moses Latua Toekan asserted , re-voting legislative elections in four polling stations ( TPS ) in the District Teluti , Central Maluku , still held.

" Because the existing recommendation of the Supervisory Committee of Central Maluku , " Moses said via cell phone on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Moses recognized , repeated voting in four polling stations can not be done because the Commission is still awaiting Maluku KPU ballots from the center . " In the near future ballots have been sent , so PSU held as soon as possible , " said Moses again .

Moses ensure , re- polling in four polling stations that will be held this week . Because according to the rules , re- election should not be more than 10 days after Pileg done , on April 9.

To ensure smooth implementation of the re-voting , when Moses was visiting in the area . His visit to see the readiness of the Ballot Group Organizers ( KPPS ) at four polling stations earlier .

Previously , Supervisory Committee issued a recommendation Malteng re- election in four polling stations Teluti Subdistrict , following the irregularities found .
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Among the violations , citizens who are not officers KPPS distributed letters of invitation to voters to vote , citizens using the identity of a deceased person to choose as well as the voters who voted more than once .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Requested Regional Head Protecting Productive Agricultural Land

Agriculture Minister ( Minister of Agriculture ) Suswono ask regents and local government leaders who attended the APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) in 2014 , to protect productive agricultural land , so as to suppress the conversion of land into industrial zones and other designated .

On the occasion, Suswono warned , the next challenge of the larger agricultural sector . In addition to extreme climate change , conversion of agricultural land is also more prevalent . This , he said , could threaten the growing food needs . It is feared that cause food insecurity .

"Please the Regents , productive agricultural land not converted . Certainly there must be a master in the form of spatial plan area . Janfan to productive land become a victim , " said Suswono , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Suswono explained , the agricultural sector has a strategic role as a provider of food . Conflicts between countries occurred as food . Suwsono added that Indonesia deserves strong achieve food security . " At any given time , the food sector is always needed , " he said .

The second role , is employment . He said that as many as 38 percent of the labor force is absorbed by the agricultural sector .
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Meanwhile , agriculture is the third role as industrial raw materials . " The hope is not agricultural products exported in the raw again , but the final product , " said Suswono .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update Latest, Make BBM Makin Shines

After greeting the Android platforms 4.0 and above users , the BlackBerry is now also bring BBM to Android Gingerbread device users older . Through the update rolled out on February 18 last , your Android phone owners " Ginger Bread " can now taste the instant messaging service that was popular in this country . Meanwhile , the Android ICS phone owners now can sample some of the new features such as BBM Channel and phone calls over the internet . Check out the following :

1 . Download BBM For Android from the Play Store .

2 . Open BBM and Sign -in with your BlackBerry ID as usual .
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3 . Upon successful sign in please select settings that are left and tap Channels . Readers need to know that the fuel channel feature is only available for users of Android 4.0 ICS phone up .

4 . BBM Channel To enjoy the service , users are required to enter your date of birth to help the BlackBerry in presenting content that fits with your age .

5 . Then the fuel will seek approval to access your location . Press " Accept " to approve . GPS and location services when you have not activated please touch " settings " and tick the box next to " Google Location Services " as well as the GPS Satellites .

6 . Once all the settings are done you are doing , you can start browsing the fuel channel you want to follow . You can search channels by selecting the search icon in the upper right corner . Try to use keywords that are related to hobbies , favorite sports team , favorite artists , or your favorite brand . To directly join a channel press the icon to the right of the channel name .

7 . Besides the fuel channel , you can also make phone calls to BBM contacts through the Internet connection . Simply touch the phone icon on your BBM contacts and BBM will make phone calls utilizing existing Internet connection . The presence of voice call features for users of Android ICS is certainly intended to counter the existence of other Android chat application that has already brought similar features .

8 . In this latest update , the fuel is now also supports backup chat history via email . To perform a backup , the user must enter into and perform backups chat contacts one by one by selecting the setting and continue with Email chat .

9 . With Find Friends on BBM , users can now also send an invitation or an invitation to a contact list without having to know the PIN. If the number in the contact list of the user instead of fuel, the invitation will be sent via sms to include your own PIN and BBM invitations to download from the Play Store or AppStore .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

After Hillary Clinton's reaction Throw Shoe Dodge ...

A woman threw a shoe to Hillary Clinton on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) , when the former U.S. Secretary of State who was also the first lady 's speech in Las Vegas . Hillary was able to dodge the throw and continued his speech by inserting comments into the incident light .

The incident was revealed by a statement from a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service , George Ogilvie . " Protesters were not living for Clinton's speech at the Mandalay Bay Hotel , " he said , as quoted by Reuters .

Ogilvie said that since the beginning of the security officers , Secret Service and hotels , have already marked the women's shoe thrower . " As soon as the agent and the hotel security approached him, he threw the shoe (toward Clinton ) and he was immediately arrested . "

Excerpts of the speech and the shoe throwing incident was caught on camera and then aired on the television network KTNV - TV . Here is the link of the news and video footage of the incident :

Look , throw the shoes narrowly missed the head is Hillary . However, the reflex reaction of 66 -year -old woman was seen still quite spry . He immediately looked down to the left side and slightly bent .

When the incident occurred , according to The Las Vegas Review - Journal , Clinton making a speech in front of about 1,000 conference participants about recycling metals . " Did someone throw something at me ? " Clinton said shortly after the incident .

Hillary 's comments appears when the camera is panned woman who threw shoes led officers to leave the conference arena . " Is this part of the Cirque du Soleil ? " Hillary is torn up to make participants laugh . He continues , " My goodness , I do not know that waste management is so controversial . "

Mark Carpenter , the Institute of Scrap Recycling spokesman Industries , ensuring the shoe thrower not at all associated with the institution. The Institute is an event organizer that presents Hillary as a speaker .

" Our staff refused access to him but he broke through the security officer . Officer safety ( other ) intercepted when approaching the stage . He has been handed over to law enforcement , " said Carpenter .

Throwing a shoe at the stage of world politics is a form of protest that have appeared in diverse parts of the world . In 2008 , for example , President George W. Bush throws shoes get when appearing with Iraqi Prime Minister at a press conference in Baghdad .
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A spokesman for the hotel told Reuters that he had no information regarding the incident . While Clinton's spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this incident .